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Over 40 Years of Experience.

E&T Medical Ltd was established in 2015 after Managing Director Antony Hatton finished 22 year’s service in the Royal Air Force. Antony received 11 awarded medals, Queens birthday Honour, and 3 Air Officer Commander’s 1GP Commendations. At the end of Antony’s service he decided to take the skills and experience he gained in the Royal Air Force and bring them to the private sector. E&T was then born and has developed into the leading and trusted medical services company it is today.

For many years now E&T has provided Medical Services to the Film/TV Industry and many large events across the UK and Abroad. Our Head Office is located in the Cotswolds and operates in the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Though the lifespan of E&T our Senior Management Team has grown into what it is today with over 80 Years of experience in our fields. This has allowed E&T to incorporate specialised departments offering services to our clients. This includes Crowd Management, Security, Close Protection, and Water Safety and Rescue.

E&T is constantly growing into new exciting sectors and has even now become a trusted accredited Training Provider. We believe in building the standards of our respective fields and sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained working in the roles our students will build their careers in. Continued Personal Development is key to any business or individual and is instilled into our company ethos “Knowledge is the Key to Success”.

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