Water Rescue


Swift Water Technicians

Our Water Safety and Rescue service provides technical rescue for anyone working offshore, inshore or inland river waters in the UK.

E&T utilise multiple rescue boats, crewed by our fully qualified team of Water Rescue Practitioners who are on standby to be deployed to anywhere in the UK.

We work with a wide range of clients in many different industries including Film/TV maritime, utilities, the power industry and environmental projects.

On receiving an enquiry from a client, our experienced team will visit your site and help you identify and understand the hazards and risks associated with working around water. We then develop a plan and the emergency arrangements required in the event of needing to extract a person/s from the water.

These plans will include the presence of our team and equipment on site along with full risk assessment and method statement.

Water Rescue

Our Rescue Boats

7m Nordfast RIB – 130bhp / 4m Humber RIB – 60bhp

RIB stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat, our Norsafe and Humber RIB’s have either a powerful inboard/outboard engine that is well maintained and equipped with all the necessary lifesaving equipment should an emergency arise.

The vessels are designed and manufactured to meet all UK-specific requirements of emergency service rescue teams for inland, inshore and offshore operations. The vessels are manned by a 3 Person rescue team consisting of 1 Skipper (Practitioner) and 2 Swift Rescue Water Practitioners. Our Nordfast vessel is capable of carrying 6 persons in total with all the necessary equipment needed for rescue.  The rescue boats have excellent reliability, maneuverability, and sea-keeping abilities in order to fulfil their prime function – to provide an effective means of search and recovery for persons in water.

Our Humber vessel is perfectly suited to manage inland rivers, canals and inshore environments ensuring the suitability capability of our service.

Water Rescue Team

Our Crew


Our Skippers are registered and accredited through the Royal Yachting Association and hold all licenses and insurances required to manage the vessels whilst they are on the water. We ensure the Skipper is a fully qualified Medical Practitioner in their own right with Swift Water Rescue qualifications in order to manage our vessels. The Skipper is there to not only drive the vessel but be able to assist with any medical emergency once the patient is out of the water.

Medical Practitioners

Our Medical Practitioners are some of the best in the business in providing the best care to their patients. To qualify for a role on our Water Safety and Rescue Team they have gone through rigorous training to give them the knowledge and experience of delivering medical care on the water. Our Practitioners are as a minimum qualified to First Responder Emergency Care Level 3 and also Swift Water Rescue.

You can rest assured our teams have your safety covered.


A spotter is a person that stands upstream and away from the main work area. Their sole purpose is to look out for a variety of risks whilst you are in the water. When the spotter notices a risk moving towards the main work area they are able to notify our Water Rescue Team to if needed cease all works until the risk has been managed or respond to the risk if needed.

This crucial role can not be understated.

As with all our Water Rescue Team our Spotters are qualified Medical Practitioners with Swift Water Rescue.

Rescue Line Technician

The Rescue Line Technician is a member of our team who is ready on the embankment to cast a line out to any who require it. They are able to pull a person out of danger to a safe area where they can be treated for any medical issues they may have obtained. The Rescue Line Technician will act as the Medic on shore for any emergencies occurring and will also assist the Rescue Boat Team in deploying the vessel and receive a patient when they arrive onshore.

As with all our Water Rescue Team, our Rescue Line Technicians are qualified Medical Practitioners with Swift Water Rescue.

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