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Close Protection

    40+ years experience in Close Protection

    E&T Close Protection Services have the capability, knowledge, and experience in providing Close Protection Officers, Security Drivers, Executive Vehicles and Armoured Vehicles in Gloucester, around the UK and Abroad.

    Each area of close protection demands different levels of experience and procedures. As standard policy, each of our Close Protection Officers are trained to the relevant SIA standards. We have been providing a high level of service for many years and our Senior Management Team has over 40 Years of Experience in the field.

    Initial consultations you can expect a professional approach to your Protection detail which has come from years of experience providing Protection to our clients.

    Close Protection Gloucester

    We have gained experience in providing Close Protection in a number of environments and have gained a reputation second to none, these environments include:

    • VIP Protection
    • Residential Security Teams (RST)
    • Corporate Protection
    • Protective Surveillance providing a low profile and overwatch for client’s that require covert protection
    • Fully Equipped Close Protection Medical Practitioner
    Close Protection Gloucester

    Close Protection services are essential for an individual or organisation who is at risk of exposure to any kind of criminal activity, terrorism, or specific threat. Our experienced Close Protection Operatives are extensively trained to provide you with the highest level of protection. Whether you are an individual or a corporate organisation, we will ensure that your security needs are always met.

    Our Close Protection Operatives will integrate their protective duties into your daily routine and will continuously assess the security situation. This will ensure that you can conduct your business with minimal risk of disruption. With our Close Protection Operatives by your side, you can be sure that you will always be well protected from potential threats, over-enthusiastic fans, or potential attackers.

    We provide close protection for:

    • VIPs and executives
    • National and international dignitaries
    • Celebrities in sport, music, film, TV and social media
    • Politicians
    • Journalists
    • Barristers, solicitors, and judges
    • Individuals attending court
    • High profile individuals
    • Anyone who requires a high level of personal protection

    For more information or to discuss your Close Protection needs please contact us

    020 8087 0115

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