Crowd Management

Crowd Management London

    Our crowd management London service has been built with quality in mind.

    Our Senior Management Team has over a decade of strategic, tactical and operational experience managing security and crowd management London at events, festivals, and stadiums.

    E&T delivers crowd management services that are representative of industry best practices.

    Our teams are experienced in a wide range of different events and demographics. We are certain that E&T can supply you and your event with the service you deserve.

    E&T has teamed up with many independent organisations in London, the UK, and abroad.

    From large-scale, high-profile events to smaller community-based projects, E&T aim to deliver not only best practice but best customer service to our clients and their guests.

    Regardless of the event, our experienced and fully-trained operatives can control and manage crowds of all sizes.

    We have helped with events of thousands of attendees to function safely and securely ensuring everyone enjoys a hassle-free day out

    Crowd Management London

    Crowd Management Services we provide include:

    • Full crowd management London and security consultation for all aspects of your event, arena or venue.
    • Pre and post-event police and council liaison
    • 24-hour guarding for build and break event phases
    • Backstage security
    • Artist protection
    • Front of house security
    • Pit teams
    • Response teams
    • Bar security
    • Control room and emergency liaison team members

    Contact Us

    For more information or to discuss your Crowd Management London needs please contact us. Or email or call us us at – 020 8087 0115

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