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Event Security Services London

    Our senior security management team has over a decade of strategic, tactical and operational experience managing event security and crowd management at festivals, and stadiums all over London and around the UK.

    We deliver London event security services that are representative of industry best practices.

    Our teams are experienced in a wide range of different events and demographics. We are certain that we are able to can supply you and your event with the first-class service you deserve.

    We have teamed up with many independent organisations both in the UK and abroad. From large-scale, high-profile events to smaller community-based projects, we aim to deliver not only best practices but best customer service to our clients and their guests.

    Event Security London

    Event Security London For All Types Of Occasions

    At E&T Security, we understand that event security is a critical part of ensuring a successful event.

    Our experienced, SIA-accredited security officers are trained to provide the highest level of security, while also maintaining a welcoming and accommodating presence.

    We have many years of experience in providing bespoke event security solutions for a variety of London events, from exhibitions to conventions to concerts.

    Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each event and are designed to ensure that your event is safe and secure, while still providing an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

    Event Security London

    15 Top Reasons Why You May Need Private London Event Security Services

    1. To ensure the safety of event attendees, staff, and property.
    2. To provide crowd control and security at large events.
    3. To monitor access to restricted areas.
    4. To provide a visible deterrent to potential risks.
    5. To protect VIPs and high-profile guests.
    6. To prevent theft of event items.
    7. To protect expensive equipment and vehicles.
    8. To provide professional security personnel trained in first aid and CPR.
    9. To prevent unauthorised access to private events.
    10. To provide security for large deliveries of event items.
    11. To provide an emergency response plan in case of natural disasters or malicious attacks.
    12. To provide an extra layer of protection against potential terrorist threats.
    13. To provide an audit trail of access and activity at events.
    14. To protect guests from harassment and other forms of physical harm.
    15. To provide a higher level of security than normal security personnel.

    We Are A Highly Professional Security Company

    We understand that your event guests, staff, and premises need to be secure and safe in order for you to run the event without interruption.

    We provide event security services that focus not only on protection but also on customer service.

    Our security guards are highly groomed, impeccably dressed, and trained in customer service. They can assist with a wide range of duties, from ticket inspection, to bag checking and searching, to seating direction and parking management.

    Our event security team is friendly, polite and highly presentable, allowing visitors to enjoy the event knowing that their safety is in good hands.

    With our security services, you can be sure that your event will be safe and secure, and that your guests will be welcomed and reassured.

    Event Security London

    An Effective Event Security Company Covering All The Basis

    E&T Security is the perfect choice for event security, with experts on board to assess the needs of your event and create a comprehensive and bespoke security plan for your London event.

    With the highest standards of excellence in mind, we ensure we recruit only the most experienced and vetted staff, providing them with the highest level of training to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors to your event, as well as preventing any unwanted disruption.

    Being a SIA Approved Contractor, and Safe Contractor accredited, you can rest assured that you are in the safest of hands.

    Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your London event.

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